Seek and ye Shall Find

So, it’s been literally 7 days since I decided and committed to adding journaling back to my habit.  I believe this habit brings a clarity to my day and a connection to God that is unmatched by any other habit.  Well, in these seven days one of my Real Estate Investing mentors presented an opportunity that I am both excited and nervous about.

In many ways it is an answer to pray.  In the past 6 months, I was not chosen for two positions that I thought were mine to lose.  And since that was my belief, I was devastated because I lost them. I saw both as answers to challenges that were plaguing my family – increased income, more control over my time, and more flexibility in working creatively.  When I lost them, even before I knew, my prayer was “Lord, close unapproved doors definitively, loudly, and then open the next one so clearly that there is no doubt.”

The closed doors were definitely loud and public. People who opposed and doubted me were aware. I did not, could not go hide from those “lost” opportunities.  Now, there is this one.  It is not definitively closed nor clearly open.  So, I’m waiting and praying for his directions.

– “Trust the process. Seek me and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be open” – GOD

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