Being My Best Self

God is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere. His authority in my life is easy to define.  It is simply over everything.  He has authority over every decision, every action, every thought.  In the other areas of my life, it is not as simple.  GOD is a GOD of order and he makes all things work together for each of our good. So, what does that mean for me as I live under the various earthly authorities – for my supervisors, for my parents, for my husband, … for the laws that govern our economics, judicial, and legislation.

I’d like to believe that as long as the various authorities align with what I’m hearing from GOD then I submit to them. Because that is simple.  But what happens when as they strive to become their best selves, their request or direction conflict with what I’m hearing from GOD.  In these situations, what do I do.  What am I called to do?

It seems to be case-by-case, moment-by-moment.  Sometimes I walk peacefully and calmly in conflict as I follow GOD’s direction rather than the earthly authority in my life.  Other times, it requires deep introspection and control. Because what I heard from GOD seemingly morphs in to my earthly authority’s requests.

GOD in this season, please guide me in Your perfect ways for my circle.  I ultimately want to be a perfect reflection of who You are.  For that, I will walk through the fire. The fire may be internal conflict or external conflict.  Regardless, if that is what it requires I’m going through.  In this season, I am #ruthtoneomi.


“I like it better when you call me Baby Girl”

“Daughter, My direction My word for you hasn’t changed. Trust the process.  I’ve called you to the process. I’ll handle the results”


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