Letters to my Tribe Members

This page is strictly for letters to my tribe members. A tribe is a group of people who are like-minded, like-souls. In the letters, you are likely to find tidbits of yourself or a friend. Perhaps, you are a part of our tribe. My services, like a custom-made suit, are tailored specifically for each tribe member. Read the letters and if you see snippets of yourself schedule a free 30-minute phone call. Let’s get you to your next big goal.

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Letters to future, current, and past tribe members.

Silicon Valley Bank-> TX Real Estate

What does SVB mean for TX Real Estate? Well, the talk is that the Fed will halt it’s interest rate hikes until at least June. So, perhaps your buyers and investors have a short window to get in the market.

Texas Real Estate Market – Buy and Hold Investors

Mortgage rates are currently around 7%. What does this mean for you the investor who is looking to buy and hold? It means that capital is going to cost you more money. And sellers, particular those who are represented by realtors, are not concerned with your capital costs. So how do you navigate this market?…


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