Monthly 5 Day Challenge

I completed my first challenge in June 2020 with Anthony Truck – Failing Forward. Shortly, there after I signed up for my second with Pedro Adao – Movement Maker. Pedro Adao is considered the father of Challenges. Check out his website Crushing it with Challenges for more details. I love the community, the urgency, and the results. So, Challenges are now apart of my business model. They are how I support, cultivate, and identify my tribe.

What is a challenge?

In short, a challenge is a group difficult activities designed to be completed in a short time period that lead to a specific, focused outcome. However if you want more details, you can listen to an interview on the Entrepreneur of Fire podcast with Pedro Adao. The theme of my challenges vary based on my tribe. They have included

Why do they work?

Challenges work when participants and the host set aside and commit to the process. One of the primary reasons they work is because of how we are wired. Unfortunately, we are not rational decision-makers. We make emotional decisions and then find logic to support those decisions.

During a challenge, the host sets the time frame and then sets up ways for collaboration and competition. Both motivate us to push through and beyond when our why is big enough. So, when people are hungry, committed, and pressured by a time constraint they tend to innovate, create. In other words, they take action. This is why challenges are now a part of my business model.

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