1-on-1 Strategy Session


1-on-1 Business development strategy session.  Session is free if you agree to let me record it for my podcast.

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You were designed for more. Are you ready to live the life you were designed to experience?  Two of my superpowers are asking questions that reveal the first step of goals and generating non-conventional solutions.  In a 50 minute, 1-on-1 session we will uncover what is your next step and what mindset is currently blocking your path.

I’ve down this for myself and friends on multiple occasions.  As a result, in one week in July 2020, I generated 20 new ideas for side-hustles including mobile cleaning of lawn mowers and vacuums.  In 2019, I successfully walked out the emotional and familial tension after losing two six-figure contracts.  In 2018, I left my chosen career as a higher education administrator to become a full-time entrepreneur.  In 2017, I walked out the emotional and cognitive turmoil of a murder-suicide on campus, my Bigmama dying unexpectedly, added a foster daughter to our family, and closed my first real estate investment deal in a 90-day period.

Valued:  $245;  Regular Price: $135;  Limited Time:  Free if allowed to record


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