Prayer Journal by the Faith Diva

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This isn’t your average prayer journal.  It was created by one of our tribe members, Ms. Tina Brown.

This 30 day Prayer Journal for His Diva is a fun way to reflect on God’s word and His promise for your life. Each page was inspired by mind mapping and bullet journaling. The pages are formatted to help you dissect the scriptures and to understand the main characters in the scripture. Who were they? What characteristics did they possess? Who were they related to?

On it’s beautiful eclectic pages

  • write down your prayer request, gratitude statements and daily affirmations.
  • Keep track of when God has answered your prayers on the prayer request log.
  • Color the pictures provided throughout the book or take it to church to keep your sermon notes.

The author’s prayer is that through this journal you develop a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father and that He reveals and with- holds no good thing from you.

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