Real Estate Investment

Parent Company – 5028 Holdings, LLC 

We are real estate investors and strategic business consultants.  Dr. Columbus built her expertise as an administrator in higher education and is fine-tuning it as she defines our real estate investment focus.  We offer that expertise to our clients as strategic business consultants. We specialize in data analytics, digital media marketing, and asset management of real property.

  • Data Analytics.  As a strategic business consultant, we provide recommendations for improving the effectiveness and profitability.  Our recommendations are built on data, evidence based practices, and best practices of leaders in the industry.
  • Digital Media Marketing.  As a marketer, we develop campaigns and strategies for generating leads and improving conversion rates.  Our campaigns and strategies are grounded in classic marketing strategies in new mediums.
  • Asset Management of Real Property.  Asset management of real property requires an understanding of real estate, taxes, and accounting.  We build our knowledge in this area and network with experts so that we may help landlords and real estate investors make the best decisions for their assets.


Dr. Yolanda Columbus established 5028 Holdings, LLC dba NestEggs Equity Properties, LLC after the unexpected death of her grandmother in 2017. Some of the most precious memories Dr. Columbus’ have are of a family trip to Washington D.C. NestEggs was born out of her desire to provide luxurious family-focused accommodations to multi-generational traveling groups.

Competitive Edge

For the past twenty years, Dr. Yolanda Columbus has shaped multiple higher education institutions by building web applications, making data-based decisions, and training faculty members in these areas. These experiences developed an understanding of people and technical skills. Hence, she aggregates data from multiple, seemingly disparate data sources, so that she understands the area, the market, and her client.


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