The Moves I Make

How many times have you wanted to pivot but couldn’t or didn’t take the step?  How many times have you known what to do but not how to do it? Now is the time to take action.  Here is how I take action.

For most of my life, I have consumed knowledge at a voracious pace.  Learning excited me, thrilled me and then for some reason I stopped my passionate pursuit of knowledge.  I earned my doctorate in Education Psychology to learn how people make decisions, to learn how to generate new knowledge, and to learn how to evaluate accuracy of abstract theories and effectiveness of tasks.  As I pursued my dream career, the reality of the environment, the politics, the culture dampened my desire.  I say that my love affair with academia died.

Well, when my Bigmama died it reignited a passion for learning and it hasn’t stopped.  One of my superpowers is the ability to use disparate data and best practices to create plans and strategies.  As a full-time entrepreneur, I am a Business Development Strategist and Realtor to Real Estate Investors

Today I help underestimated founders pursue their passion by shifting mindsets and building legacy wealth.  The services related to that goal depend on the current needs of my real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs.

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