Small Group Coaching

According to the Small Business Administration, non-employer small businesses make up 80% of all small businesses. Of this 80%, less than half (40%) of these businesses are the primary source of income for their owners.  According to the Hartford’s 2018 Side Business Survey, most owners site income or benefits as their primary reason for not pursuing their side business full-time.

“The individual must control his deepest perception of himself, lest he be overwhelmed by the forces of negativism and defeat in those around him.”  Dr. Kimbro, Think Grow Rich: A Black Choice

The Small Group Coaching program is broken in to three parts mental, business, and financial. During the initial meeting, we explore

  • Daily routines
  • Define the time period for short term goals
  • Discuss and paint the picture for the company and individual vision.
  • We also define the expectations and roles

Are you ready to fight for the life you were designed to live? If so, please complete my Client Profile form so that we can meet to determine the next steps, Let’s Do This

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