Shifting Mindsets & Building Wealth

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Tell the truth. How many times have you felt stuck in the last 30 days? How many times have you realized that life should be better or just different?  That was my reality from 2016-2018.  It took me 2 years to make the shift so that I could live a life that was authentic and fulfilling.  Finally in May 2018, I left a fifteen year career in higher education to help people who had put their dreams on the back burner.

Most of us live an unfulfilled life that we were not designed to live.  I am passionate about shifting mindsets so that people can live the life they were designed specifically for.  To achieve this goal, I offer the following services to my clients

  1. Freelance Services
  2. Small Business Mentoring
  3. Transformational Speaker including keynotes, workshops, and moderator
  4. Commercial Realtor

****COVID-19 Limited Service – If you are a small business owner and you need capital for an existing business, complete the application  ********

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