Summer is Over

My children have been back in school for about a week.  Their new schedule is both a God-send and a curse. God-send in that I can get back to my professional rhythm. Curse in that I can get back to my professional rhythm.

I love this season of life. The freedom of walking in the truth that I understand without apology, without censoring myself to make my presence more palatable to the masses. Professionally this means I can define my relationships and tasks with clients without fear. I can be your number two without knowing the intimate parts of your life and without sharing the intimate parts of mine. I can not answer the phone after 6 PM because I’m busy or just because I choose not to. This is a God-send. This is also frightening.

I know this approach is appropriate, aligned with my vision, my purpose, my wiring. I don’t know what this means for my family’s well-being. Historically, for my family I’ve been the one to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. My hubby can say “I need $$$ this week for a bill, a trip to visit family, to repair something broken, etc.” I’d find the funds, finance the endeavor. There was savings, items to pawn, ways to hustle, etc. In this season, I’m concerned that my freedom is impacting my hustle. The curse.

For two months, my excuse was my kids, their needs, their summer schedule. I know. It was a lame excuse but it was there. Now, it’s gone. Trusting that GOD’s plan for my freedom will provide and cover.

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