Mapping Out the Plan

My use of time DOES NOT reflect my priorities.  Well, that’s slightly true.  According to my use of time, I value my spiritual health, my physical health, my client, and my family, not necessarily in that order.  Unfortunately, according to my current use of time, I do not value my freedom because I’m not spending enough time working for it. I am not spending enough time working “on”, rather than “in” my business; working “in” my business is akin to working a job.  So, it’s impossible to walk out my freedom.

For me freedom is working from any location, from any device, when I decide.  This allows me to love my family.  I can babysit my great-nephew while my niece goes on an interview.  I can take my nieces to and fro while my sister and her hubby take an anniversary trip.  I can sit at my mom’s beck and call while she nurses an injured knee.  In my current set up, I’m free to do that on Monday’s.  While this is definitely an improvement, it is also definitely not freedom.

Although I know it is not freedom, in five months I have gotten comfortable.  I am no longer pressing for my next break. My intensity has dwindled. It is as-if pseudo-freedom has lulled me in to a stupefied coma.  So, what’s the plan. Here is the set up

I used to map out my sales funnel,  I’ve identified three ways to generate income.  I’m looking for three more.  This week I will focus on adding those methods to my Facebook page

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