My 5 Point Framework

A few months ago, I started a new Facebook page and Instagram account titled Re-envisioning Black Wall Street. It is not black capitalism as defined and promoted by President Nixon.  Re-envisioning Black Wall Street is focused on doing life in community at the grass roots level with other businesses. In Texas, most black-owned businesses are small business. Hence, the focus is on connecting with and supporting small businesses in a specific industry, which ever industry that may be.

What I have found as an entrepreneur, as an educator, and as an Christian is that most often I am suppose to focus on the process, not the results. Andy Stanley does a great job of outlining this concept in ‘The Principle of the Path’.  Hence, I’ve created a five point framework to help me in my journey to re-envision Black Wall Street in my industry.

To connect with and support small businesses, you must be purposefully and strategic.  In our society, it is easier and more convenient to connect with the big corporate owned giants.  Hence, the 5 parts of my personal framework, help me connect and grow my business and my community.

  1. Find a professional group to attend weekly. #doinlifetogether
  2. Listen and proactively serve 1-2 experts in that group for free. See a need meet a need. #servantfirst
  3. Add learning to a daily routine (podcast during commute) #growdaily
  4. Find one strategy you like and start #makemovesnotexcuses
  5. Share your start and progress with your group and anyone remotely interested. #shareyourstory

Step 1. Find a professional group to attend weekly. It is true that “iron sharpens iron”. This only happens when iron comes in regular contact with iron.  The topic covered at the weekly meeting may or may not be beneficial to you personally.  Remember, you are there for the relationships as well as knowledge.  So, choose a professional group that has members you respect, enjoy talking to, and genuinely want to help.  Meaning, even if you fail, you are willing to help them and genuinely want them to succeed. #doinlifetogether

My personal journey

When my Bigmama died in July 2017, I was already searching for something. Professionally, my tasks were no longer fulfilling or challenging. I dreaded every day and I was unable to support those most important to me. I missed school performances, homework, lots of bed time kisses and hugs.  Some tried to tell me that this was just the pains of parenting in a two parent, two income household. When Bigmama died, that answer was no longer a reasonable explanation.

My first exploration led me to real estate investment. So, I tried to connect online, attended a few meetings, went to a few classes, etc.  Most felt more like sales pitches than training sessions.  It was like the gave me a little teaser in hopes that I would pay for more.  And then I found my group.

At my first DFW REI Club meeting, I paid $20. Afterwards, I asked the host and teacher for the day, Robin Carringer, about subject-to. His response was “Well, I was just about to answer a few questions from one of our Platinum members why don’t you sit down and listen”.  For $20, he was willing to give me platinum status. I joined the next week and have attended faithfully ever since.

If you want help finding your people, send me an email I’ll send you a few questions and will do this together.

The clenched fist is one of many hand symbols that are prevalent in our culture. Some of the most popular are the peace “V”, thumbs up, and fingers-crossed. Since it is a prevalent sign that has crossed cultures, countries, and time, I’ve decided to use at as a symbol for “re-envisioning Black Wall Street”, where each finger represents one part of the framework.


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