dr. yoco It’s about growth

My happiness

I am happy when I focus on personal growth.  I get distracted and frustrated when I focus on the end results.  The end results never seem to come fast enough.  They always needed to be done yesterday.  Sometime the urgency is for very important reasons. For example, time to spend with my son and daughter, money to take vacations and for new experiences, or just the opportunity to sit back and do nothing.

Although these all seem important the fact is that the good comes during the process.  The end result or goal is just the reward for committing and completing the process.  So, in this season I’m determined to focus on the process, on enjoying the journey.  Yesterday, this meant reminding myself to enjoy the drive to drop and pick up my children, to enjoy the moments of silence as my 90-year old grandmother collected her thoughts, and to enjoy the mundane acts of collecting documents for taxes.

My life is great.  My hubby and I will celebrate 18 years this year.  We have two amazing children and a host of friends.  Our jobs enable us to create a lifestyle that works for us.  I am content in that.  As long as I can remember to focus on the process then I can be content where we are and also focus on the next level.

Forgot to ask him again. I promise I’ll get better at this. God are you there?  I ultimately just want my life to be a reflection of you.  Remind me. Let me know if I’m in your presence.

” <silence> ” – God

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