Way Too Much

It’s been a year since I signed my first Master Lease.  A Master Lease is basically a long-term lease on a property with permission to sublease and stipulations for repairs.  The lease on my Vacation Rental in Alamo Heights started on November 1st.  It is for 18 months on a small home that was built in 1946.

In 12 months, I have not signed another Master Lease. I have not purchased a vacation rental. Don’t get me wrong a lot has happened.  In May 2017, I left my job in Academia for freedom as an entrepreneur.  I completed all of my classes to take the realtors exam.  I’ve delved deep in to social media marketing and social network analytics.  I tried my hand at being a private money broker, an assistant for traditional property management company, and thought about flipping.  All to no avail.  None sparked my passion or interest enough for significant change or new habits.

In hopes to find out what I was missing I revisited my journal entries, my planners, and some of my FB posts from a year ago.  Initially, I thought it was the planners. So, I began tracking and planning.  Then I discovered I had lost my why.  I was moving my wheels but the passion had left me.  Initially, it was to honor my Bigmama to make sure her lessons were ingrained in my day-to-day.  I’ve moved through the grieving process.  Although I still cry, I carry her with me and I see evidence of her impact where I didn’t before.

My new why – I need my freedom for my family.  I’m also here to set the captives free in my family, my circle, and my community.  Freedom for me means that I can take a vacation for 3 months. I can work from any location, at any time of the day (preferably early).  So, I abstracted my process from last year and came up with the Power of the Fist, a 5 point framework.  I’ve created printables based on the framework.  I’ll link them here later.  But that is not enough.

We have a limited amount of will power.  Each morning it is renewed.  So, we need to focus if we are to establish new habits, new processes, new support systems.  Before the printables will work, we have to do the pre-work. So, I revisited the books that led to my shift in May 2017 – the One Thing by Gary Keller and the 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch.  Gary Keller in the One Thing proposes one focusing question to guide decision and plans “What is the one thing such that by doing it everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?”

I’m focusing on walking that out personally and dragging my sister along as a client.  If she does the work, she will leave her full-time in June.

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