Tribe Member: How I knew she was a member

By listening to how she was willing to serve her clients, the opportunities she mentioned for me, and the connections she made immediately I knew that she was a woman of action committed to using all of her talents her gifts and her time to serve her community and her family. And that’s one of the reasons why I knew she was a member of my tribe.

Dear Roxanne Shante,

Pray you’re having an awesome week. If your week has been anything like mine or the week of our other tribe members, then it has been busy. And there doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day to accomplish all the things that you want to get done.

Since you didn’t reach out to me this week to accept my invitation to join our tribe, I figured that maybe you weren’t quite sure that I should be a member of your tribe. So let me explain to you how I connected and why I connected with a member of my tribe. Her name is Tina Brown. Now the why is strictly from my perspective. I respect her privacy. I hope and I believe that she feels the same.

Tina Brown (aka Title Tina; Faith Diva)

Tina is the Vice-President of Business Development for Community National Title, a black-owned title company. She is also the owner and founder of Faith Diva, a fashion design house. As well as one of the Boss Ladies of Dallas, a reality TV show. And from the list you can probably tell that she is a busy woman that uses all of her gifts to serve various communities and people. Like many of my tribe members, this sometimes means there seems to be too little time and too little of her to go around. Regardless of this fact, she still gives it a 150% every day. Did I mention that she’s also pursuing a graduate degree.

When you meet her, she immediately demonstrates who she is. She is unapologetically authentic in action and presentation. In our meeting, it came through via stories how she served her clients, the opportunities she presented, and the connection. She is a woman of action. She employs all of her talents and her time to fulfill her God ordained purpose. I knew she was a member of my tribe.

I first met Tina at one of my favorite spots called Chocolate Secrets. When you accept my invitation I’d love to introduce you to the spot. It’s owned by one of my favorite people Ms Pam. But I digress. Tina and I were scheduled to meet for an hour and it ended up being closer to 2 hours, maybe 3 hours. Because it was a meeting of like-minds and like-souls.

During that meeting I shared not only my business aspirations, I shared snippets of my family life. At the time, we were foster parents to two wonderful biological siblings. I shared goals and my vision to be a residential realtor at the time. I’ve shifted to Speaker, Business Development, and Commercial Realtor since that meeting. And the reason these stories came out was because of Tina’s heart.

How I support

I’ve supported her in multiple ways for monetary compensation and just because. I’ll share just two. One that happened immediately because there was a need and the other a deliberate plan based on shared needs and goals. What I refer to as a win-win.

On one occasion she provided a professional development course to realtors. I attended as a participant. When I arrived she gave me instructions on how to check-in. As others arrived, I noticed that she was busy and so I stepped it up not because she asked just because I saw a need to support her. I made sure each participant was met with a smiling face and given instructions about how to check-in and logistical information that they needed for the space.

On another occasion, she asked me she asked me to lead a book club for one of her Facebook groups. So I did that every two weeks for months. All the while making sure that I was in compliance with those she reported to. So I supported her and built good will for her company and supervisors only because she was a member of my tribe.

My promise to you

Well, I hope this helps you decide. For my tribe members, I’ll get my hands dirty and also employ my doctorate. I am here to ensure that each of us live the life GOD designed us specifically to experience.

Well, there is an open invitation. I typically commit to being on-call for 5 tribe members each month. This allows me to make sure I’m available. So if this month or next is extremely busy there’s always next.

Hope to hear from you soon


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