Tribe Member: Inviting you to join us

Dear Roxanne Shante,

Pray your week is going well.  As I said last time, I think you are a missing part of my tribe.  Like many in my tribe the last time I checked in you had a lot going on. If I remember correctly, there was too much to do and not enough time to get all done.  As a result, I am writing to see if you need some support.

If you need additional support, I’m here for you.  I know. I know you don’t know me from Eve. Hence, it probably doesn’t make sense why I keep pestering you about reaching out.  Additionally, I haven’t brought up money. So, you’re probably thinking either its expensive or you get what you pay for. I get it.  Perhaps, if I share my story it’ll make more sense.

My story

In 2018, I accepted my calling as a full-time entrepreneur.  Even as I stepped boldly into my new adventure I struggled with defining services, products,…my ideal audience, my customer.  After two years of searching for the appropriate product, service, niche, etc., I’ve realized two things. 

First the people who need and value my service are not customers or clients.  They are my community, my tribe. My tribe carries callings, interests, and/or challenges that often threatens to wipe out their vision.  As a result of personal experience, I’ve ingrained this lesson. For instance, it took the death of my Bigmama for me to leave a professionally-diagnosed toxic environment.  Consequently, I know that many of my tribe accept experiencing less than our best life. Why this happens is as unique and varied as our fingerprints. However, I’m here to help you move out of it quicker and more effectively.

Second, I do not have a standard list of products and services. Because the support I provide to my tribe depends ultimately on their current and most intense pain point. In other words, my business services and products are custom designed; they are unique to each tribe member. For example, just this week I completed training as a Barista and earned my Food Handler Service certificate to help out a tribe member. I am passionate about and committed to providing whichever service or product enables each of you to live the life you were designed to experience.

The best way to explain and demonstrate the value that I bring is to chronicle the lives I have impacted as a full-time employee and now as an entrepreneur. I just realized this letter is getting a little long and I don’t want to overwhelm you. So, I’ll craft a separate letter for each one. Feel free to google them or follow the links if you want to get a better sense of who they are.

My promise to you

Two things before I end the letter. First, you don’t have to know how I can support. We’ll figure that part out together. And second, if you know that you need some additional support, call me. Okay? Or text me 682-237-9891

Hope to hear from you soon.


Tina Brown (linkedin)
May 2019 – present
Community National Title, Vice-President of Business Development
Faith Diva, Owner

Jami McCain (linkedin)
April 2015 – present
Former City Council Person
Pastor Church on the Hill

Dr. Shawnda Floyd (linkedin)
June 2014-April 2018
Executive Dean of Liberal Arts
Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs
North Lake College

Dr. Constance Lacy (video; linkedin)
January 2012 – present
Professor and Executive Dean of School of Human Services
University of North Texas at Dallas


Euro Caffe (facebook page).
January 2020-present
611 Cedar St
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

Church on the Hill (website)
February 2015 – present
1375 New Clark Rd
Cedar Hill, TX 75104


Bobbie Jones, my Bigmama

Tricia Debose, my mother

Tracy Mavleau, my sister

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