Investing in RE: The secret formula

There is no secret formula. Investing in Real Estate is hard. Being successful at it, involves hard work.

The good thing is that most of the gurus, books, and online experts are willing to share at least apart of their process for free. Many times their processes are all derivations of the same formula. The trend is to 1) identify motivated sellers, 2) find a deal and run the numbers, 3) make an offer, and 4) implement your exist strategy. Then, simply rinse and repeat.

The work comes in defining what works for who you are and your lifestyle. If you are good at garnering attention and charming people, then get in there do what the masses are doing. Buy a list of names or identify a group of people, contact all of them, follow-up, follow-up, a few people will respond. Identify properties or areas via drive-by’s, walk-by’s, or at auctions. Then get in there and compete. If you are wired for it, eventually it will work.

However, if you are not wired for it. If your lifestyle and who you are seem to be at odds with the trend, then there is hope. You can succeed at real estate investing. Unfortunately, your process and your success will not look like the vision you have in your head.

Your growth will be ragged and nuanced. That’s okay. Perhaps, you will eventually follow the trend. It is also possible that your formula will always be outside of the box. Give yourself room and time for this growth. Because your most significant growth and the growth of others around you will happen as you bring who you are and your life to this thing called real estate investing.

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Is it suppose to be this uncomfortable?

I’m 10 days in to this journey of walking on water. Yesterday started on a high, ended on a low, and then there were all the emotions in between.

There are some inherent challenges to being an introvert running my own business. I can’t go hide in the bathroom (note: Hiding in the Bathroom by M. Aarons-Mele is a great book) and I’m not wired to be out front all the time. This means that everyday I need time to recuperate, reconnect, and recharge.

Up until actual quitting my W2, I thought having my own business would naturally facilitate having more control of my time and thus I would naturally have time to recharge. This is sooo not true. Having my own business, means I can’t blame my supervisor, company culture, or unexpected interruptions for not controlling my time. Having my own business, brought me face-to-face with my lack of priorities, defined processes, and need to please people.

So, yesterday I woke knowing that I was worth dying for. That revelation made every action, every decision, every mundane tasks more enjoyable and more pleasing. That lasted until I encountered another person. Let me remind you I have two kids so it didn’t last long.

Each time I encountered someone else needs I was challenged by the revelation that although I was suppose to do whatever, I really didn’t want to. I did what I was suppose to do like cooked breakfast, mediated the constant arguing, listened to a story that was obviously a lie, etc. The none fun stuff about being a mother and I’m glad I did. My kids are better for it. But I did not have control over my time or when they would need me.

Luckily, the commute is my designated time to recharge. So, by the time I arrived at my client’s office I was back to my euphoria. Throughout the day it was the same reaction with different people. Unfortunately, I did not plan or schedule my recharge time. By the end of the day, I was depleted and not interested in the bed time routine, not able to rest because I wasn’t sure I could handle running my own business, and guilt-ridden for the decision I made 10 days ago.

Thankfully, I serve a GOD who answers pray when you ask and when you listen. So, at midnight I was up trolling Facebook for new clients. I went to sleep unhappy with the potential clients but glad to have a plan. By 5 AM, he had given me the answer. Actually my Pastor, Adam McCain at Church on the Hill, told me the answer this past Sunday. It all clicked at 5 AM. GOD will send me the clients I am supposed to connect with – my Shani’s, my Lynn’s, my Ben’s. Those people I love to serve. My business is to serve in the groups he sends me to. He’ll take care of the rest.

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