Need for Affordable Housing

Currently, my primary client wants me to automate portions of her property management company.  To learn more about the business and her strengths, I am working as her assistant as I shadow companies who have automated various aspects of their property management company.  What is surprising to me is the gap in affordable housing. I was shocked to discover that nearly half of all renters can’t afford rent.

I routinely speak with potential applicants who struggle to meet the requirements of the housing market.  One potential applicant began looking for a new place to rent four months ago.  In a week, her current lease ends and she’ll be forced to go on a month-to-month lease. Another had hoped to buy but the rising home prices and the bidding wars pushed her out of the market. So, she’s struggling to quickly find a suitable place to rent for her and her grandson.

Both individuals have a clean criminal history, solid employment history, and are rebuilding their credit.  Yet, our housing market is making it impossible for them to choose a better home, a better neighborhood, a better foundation for their children.

Lower credit scores comes with higher interest rates, higher deposits, less supply, and often lower quality.  Safe housing is a right, not a luxury.  Yet, in today’s economic times so many builders, investors, and policies seem to be more concerned with profit and luxury.

The Deeply, Uniquely American Roots of Our Affordable Housing Crisis

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