Challenge of Being a Brilliant Second

Okay, so the title ‘Challenge of Being a Brilliant Second-in-Command’, may seem a bit conceited.  The reality is I am an excellent second-in-command.  There are a few gifts, talents, and developed skills that makes this possible.  There are numerous quantifiable and contextual successes that prove this claim.  But, I digress.

I help leaders, visionaries, who are often A-type personalities implement their vision.  This requires an ability to see and navigate their blind spots, to translate their ideas and plans in to the language of doers (and when that’s not possible to just do it), and to guide them to new solutions based on their own framework.  And there in lies the rub.

Any experienced professional, with some level of success, has a framework that guides their actions, decisions, and more importantly communications.  When there has been a level of success using said framework, it is often hard to change and always hard to see the limitations of the framework.

Because of who I am, I can guide my clients to a new solution without challenging the framework. I connect the new solution to a recognized, already identified problem.  Is this approach beneficial or harmful to my clients?

The limiting framework is still in place and, more than likely, still a blind spot.  I’d like to believe that in the process of generating and implementing the new solution I planted an idea.  When the time is right, then that idea will illuminate the blind spot.

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