The Best-laid Plans

There are moments in life when everything is clear, everything is working according to plan, and all you can do to keep moving, to keep working the plan is one tiny task at a time.  You know the vision is there, that the bigger picture is magnificent and you are even sure that you are on the right path.

But you also know that if you look up from the task at hand to glimpse the possibilities, to glimpse the ancillary events and outcomes that are happening around you, that the sheer magnitude of it all will overwhelm you.  So, you make a conscious decision to focus on the task. The one day turns into a week.  A week turns into a month.  A month turns into half the year.

Before you know it, you’re off track.  You didn’t take a moment to check the plan.  You didn’t evaluate the choice according to the framework and the goal.  Now, you’re off track and living a life less than what you wanted for you and your family.

In this season, this was June 2018.  In the past, these moments have lasted longer. I can’t really say how I woke up.  I’m thankful that this past weekend. I had the opportunity to re-calibrate at my Mama’s kitchen table.  I spent the day reviewing my plans, my projects, and connecting with my foundation.

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